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A British local now residing in Kunming - China. DSK was introduced to Hip Hop and Electro music in the early eighties and immediately began dabbling in B-boying, Graffiti and DJing but soon thereafter focused on the musical aspect, turned to the tables, and set to work perfecting his scratch and battle style techniques. Later he began amassing a large funk collection in order to produce Hip-hop tracks which soon led vinyl releases and a series of Hip-hop, Funk and Electro mix CDs. After DJing and producing songs in the UK he left the UK shores for a greater challenge and established himself in Asia and eventually settled in China, achieving fluency in Mandarin Chinese. Currently working on studio recordings and remixes, he has also become well known across China and Asia for his mixing and scratching skills across various musical genres. DSK can be found mixing Hip-hop , R&B , Funk , Reggae and specializes in Old Funk , Hip Hop and Bboy Breaks. During the last few years DSK has toured extensively in such countries as India, Wales, England, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Hongkong, India and of course his home country England.. DSK has also appeared on several TV music stations and in international magazines.

DSK’s turntable and production skills soon got noticed and he was approached by Numark / Akai and Alesis to act as their representative DJ to showcase new DJ and production equipment at the Palm Beijing Music Exhibition, and also for tours of China and Indonesia. He has also been selected for some of the most high profile international hip-hop dance competitions (B-boy / Popping ). These include freestyle session, battle of the year, circle kingz, redull street battle, etc. He was also chosen for 2009 Chinese national CCTV5 station to be the DJ for their live broadcast Bboy battle and solo performance. Most recently he performed a serious of shows at the Shanghai World Expo for the German Pavilion with famous graffiti writers, mc’s, beat boxers and B-boys. Including a prestigious exclusive performance for German president Horst Köhler.

DJ DSK at German Pavilion / World EXPO 2010 Shanghai

During many club tours DSK has put together groups like Ménage a Trois, Seduction and Mind Disorder which mixed live instruments and vocals with a DJ show, bringing energetic live performances to clubs around Asia. Especially popular was the trio with The People’s Rhythm and Ms. Angela, this show involved mixing live Brazilian, live saxophone, soul vocals, Cuban and African percussion with second to none mixing and turntable skills .

Most recently DSK has become more and more involved in the operation and
organization, events and tours he has helped with the organization of the Battle of the Year China and UK B-boy championships of China as well as being the official DJ for the event . DSK also runs a foreign performer agency in China (Unity Promotions) with his partner Sam Debell and also a record label (Unity Recordings). He also helps to produce live bands and artists and his remix of “Gekko” was used in the 2009 BBC documentary about China .

When there is any free time he also provides lessons for local DJs learning mixing and scratching techniques, in 2008 he was chosen as a judge for the DMC China national competition. In 2009 his student “DJ Marco” placed second in DMC China and is now one of the most in demand Chinese dj’s.

Please have a look at his websites for more details:

Vinyl Releases:
SkratchMathematikz EP (Second to None Records)
Just A Taste 12" (ElectrolabRecords)
Metric Breaks (Unity Recordings)

CD Releases:
Indelible-Boy Breaks, Capitalist Punishment Hip-Hop Mix, Head Beats, Reclaim the Streets, Lost Soul, B.O.T.Y. China + more

Guest DJ Spots:
Orange Room - UK, Q Bar - Bangkok, Lounge - Phnom Penh, Mix Club - Beijing, Numark/Akai DJ for Palm Music Show - Beijing ,DeLiYa V.I.P party - New Delhi India, Numark/Akai tour Indonesia, Lux–Hong Kong, BOTY World Final warm up party.

B-BOY Battles:
Freestyle Session, B.O.T.Y, Circle Kingz, Red Bull Street Battle, Wazzup Survival Session, UK Champs, Bboy World, The One, Bboy In Shanghai , Hustle & Freeze , We B-Girlz, Ya Don’t Stop.














DJ DSK @ CCTV5 (China TV)

DJ DSK @ german-chinese festival in Wuhan (China) 2009
DJ DSK @ BOTY Asia 2007 in South Korea
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